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Water Gardens

Myth: Any contractor or landscaper can build a water garden. Just dig a hole, add a liner, rocks and fill with water right? WRONG!


Fact: Building a pond and building it right are two different things!


The relaxing and tranquil sounds of splashing water cascading from the waterfall as fish gracefully glide through the water will make the most stressful day just melt away. Call us today and let us professionally install a water garden for your enjoyment!


We construct all our water features using only professional grade materials. Our pond liners are 45 mil E.P.D.M. rubber which is resistant to UV light and are guaranteed by the manufacturer for 20 years. We use a 6 ounce woven underlay liner to protect the liner from punctures by rocks or other objects that may surface under the pond.


All ponds are installed with an area which has a minimum depth of 2 1/2′ to aid in the over wintering of fish. It has been found that at this depth the water temperature will remain at approximately 40 degrees during the coldest of winters. It is also recommended that a pond heater and small fountain pump be installed during the winter to keep an opening in the ice. This allows for the escape of naturally occurring gases which are harmful to fish. Fish are cold blooded and their metabolism slows down during the cold weather so there is no reason to feed them during this period.


We install filtration systems in all our ponds to help clean the water and remove waste excreted by the fish. These systems comprise of two parts: a mechanical skimmer and a biological filter. All filtration systems require cleaning a minimum of once per season.


The waterfall serves to add not only the sound and visual effects for your enjoyment; it also increases the oxygen content in the water which aids in maintaining the health of your fish. As part of the eco-system of ponds, we incorporate water plants into our ponds. Some of these are classified as hardy which means they will re-grow the following season. This group includes: water lilies, cattails, water celery, for-get-me-nots, variegated sweet flag and a few others.


Also, a very important part of the eco-system is oxygenating plants; these serve three purposes, the first of which during the daytime hours, they provide oxygen in the water for the fish, the second is that they provide a spawning area for the fish to lay eggs and the third purpose is to provide refuge for the fish from the heat of the sun and from predators.

The last group of pond plants are classified as tropicals and require replacement each year. The benefit of these plants being added is the wide range selection of colorful leaves and flowers they provide.


Landscaping-servicesFish are one of the most enjoyable parts of the pond’s ecosystem and are truly ‘living art’ The kaleidoscope of colors that Koi are available in is wide ranging. These unique fish are highly intelligent and are a delight to watch.


One of the most frequently asked questions is how much work is required to maintain a pond? The answer to that is; less work then you think! As the pond’s eco-system matures each year the pond reaches its own balance and requires less effort at maintaining it.


Each season filters need to be cleaned, debris removed from the pond and plants need to be trimmed to remove dead vegetation. The time spent on maintaining the pond is far out weighed by the enjoyment you will receive.


Premium Landscape Services offers service on all our ponds that includes Spring & Winter preparation, water testing, and inspection of fish and plants.