Landscaping, Tree Removals and Lopping


A well-manicured and designed yard could be all you need to make your house stand out from the rest. The right landscaping makes a home a place you enjoy spending much of your time. And should you want to sell it, the value of the house will naturally increase.


Tree-loppingThere is no doubt that the benefits of quality landscaping are countless. For this reason, as a home owner or an aspiring homeowner, you should be able to know how to get the right landscaping company.The process of getting the best landscaping company could be daunting at times.


Considering that there are many companies competing to offer the same services, home owners may easily fall for the marketing tricks of some incompetent landscapers. This article seeks to educate you on the issues to look for so that you get value for your money.


Start with the basics


Obviously, the first thing to do would be to know the number of landscaping companies operating within your locality. The process could be as simple as doing an online search of companies in the area. One of the issues you should be keen on once you have the list is whether your company of choice is bonded and insured.


It is important for the landscaper to be insured considering that some projects will require heavy machines and equipment to be moved in and they could easily pose safety hazards.


Business experience


Experience is key in any field, and so you should ensure that the company you want to hire has completed similar projects before. Companies that have been in business for a while have a physical office and website. The company should also have competent and reliable staff such as horticulturists who will come in handy when planting crops in a given soil type.


Also, there should be enough manpower to operate the heavy machines and to move tools around the home.


Tree lopping service

Tree lopping is one of the services you will require the company to offer. Some of the trees in your backyard require enough light and protection against pests. Lack of this may cause some branches to fall off or die. A competent landscaper should be able to figure out the problem and prune the leaves that prevent light from reaching parts of the tree or spray the appropriate pesticide in the case of diseases.


You should be able to determine whether the company is best suited to provide tree lopping services by checking whether their service catalogue contains services such as removal of dead branches, formative pruning, and weight loss pruning.

Tree removal services

Trees could be damaged by harsh weather conditions, or even be the cause of safety risks in which you will need the tree to be removed. Before you sign the papers with a Brisbane Tree Lopping and Removals landscaper to remove the tree be sure to check that they have specialised equipment to perform the task considering that some trees are in tight spots which may be inaccessible. Specialised equipment guarantees your safety and that of the crew.


Lawn mowing

A neatly manicured yard is one of the features that gives any landscape a perfect look. However, each landscape is unique and requires a landscaper who understands the special needs of your lawn.


In this regard, it would be wise to hire a landscaping company that is skilled in various mowing patterns, grass types, and the desirable cut height. The right company should also offer auxiliary services such as fixing sprinklers.


Yard cleanup


Cleaning up the yard is often a hectic job. As a homeowner you may not have the time and the equipment to clean the yard from time to time.


Professional landscapers offer this service but before you entrust your yard to them do your homework to determine whether they have the necessary tools for the job. A good company should have tools for clearing away clutter, leaves, and branches. The right company with the right tools for the job will ensure that your yard remains vibrant.


General maintenance


Keeping a beautiful yard requires continuous maintenance. The yard should be attended to once or twice a week. This is something which may take a toll on you especially if you have a day job. In this case, be sure to seek the services of a landscaping company to do this job for you.


The right company for this service would be one that offers this service for free as a fringe benefit after an initial contract to design and set up your lawn. Working with the same company from the start ensures that there is consistency on how your lawn looks and you can benefit from discounted prices.


Environmentally friendly


Above all, we all know that fresh air, clean water, sunshine, and biologically healthy soils are essential for our survival on earth. The company you seek to offer you landscaping services should be aware of this reality and ensure they practice sustainable landscaping.


Your checklist in this regard should be, is landscaping service designed and maintained in a manner that cuts on costs and energy. Environmentally friendly landscaping ensures that there is no excessive pollution of water, soil, and air.


One more thing


A good landscaper should be able to present to you a clear timeline for the execution of the landscaping project. Some unprofessional landscapers are fond of leaving the job half way done to rush to another client only to return many days later. A signed timeline by the contractor will reduce the chances of such behaviours.


Ultimately the best way to get the right landscaping company is to approach the issue with an open mind. There are many companies in the industry that differ based on services offered, prices and expertise. Even a small company which specialises in a given line of service could be best suited for you.


Alongside the advice given above, talk to friends and family members to get their views about certain companies and the services they offer, and you will most certainly not regret the choice you make.